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We offer a wide variety of services depending on your needs: we can help you build from scratch, review what you already have and let you know what to improve, prepare you for an audit or regulatory review, help with training and much more....

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we offer our services worldwide, either on-site or remotely, in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 


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Engagements and Services


Corporate due diligence investigations resulting in solid and actionable recommendations to manage your exposure to:

  • Cross-border risk emanating from your operations
  • Merger or acquisition due diligence
  • Supply chain and vendor risk due diligence and management
  • Leakage of confidential information from internal or external sources
  • Staffing risk (investigations on suspect personnel at all levels or to assist with hiring)
  • Economic sanctions
  • Bribery or extortion risk
  • Kidnapping risk
  • Asset tracing and recovery

Compliance Programs: From development to delivery, from “quick ‘n dirty” reviews to a full gap analysis and audit resulting in a detailed report with recommendations, through to implementing solutions: 

  • Compliance Program and Risk Management Framework  

  • Policies & Procedures  

  • Compliance systems  

  • Training - development and delivery  

  • Governance and Reporting framework: chart of committees, executive meetings, management meetings, working groups; including attendees and their responsibilities; Terms of reference; Content / materials / reports submitted to these fora; Job mandates of committee members / attendees (need to reflect proper responsibilities)  

  • Preparation for Audit or Regulatory exam  

  • Recommendation and assistance on implementing sustainable  solutions to close issues, gaps, audit points and regulatory findings from any reviews of the governance framework and the compliance and risk programs  

  • Resolution: Doing the work - e.g. writing / updating policies and procedures, developing meeting materials (templates and content), conducting risk assessments, writing the CAMLO Self-Assessment and Opinion, performing the bi-annual effectiveness review of your program...

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